Woolly Pocket Island Planter

$ 20.00

Island planters are another offering from the folks at Woolly Pocket that just make us smile. As with the Wally system the islands are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, breathable, and have a marine grade water barrier at the bottom to create reservoir of water and protect your surfaces. So, go ahead and add a little colour and life with this living plant arrangement to any room! Available in Black or Chocolate in two sizes. Explore "why we love this" to learn more about Wooly Pocket.

Made in the U.S.A.


TINA  (small)

Height = 10cm  5-sided shape, no zippers  Diameter = 23cm  Soil Volume = 0.006m3

LANA (big)

Height = 15cm  8-sided shape, no zippers  Diameter = 38cm  Soil Volume = 14-Litre


We just can't get enough of Woolly Pocket. They're recycled, sustainable, and modular. The Lana and Tina island planters are the perfect addition to any interior space. We've found that they grow anything well from ferns to succulents and even orchids! Our suggestion is to plant a multi-coloured mixed planting and use it as a living centrepiece. Best of all, your plants will air prune thus preventing root binding.

Woolly Pocket was founded in 2008 by brothers Miguel & Rodney Nelson. Pockets were first invented out of a personal need for a simple, DIY-consumer friendly system for gardening vertically, not yet available on the market. With Miguel’s background as a sculptor and Rodney’s background in manufacturing, they invented the breathable Woolly Pockets with internal moisture control that are made from recycled plastic bottles in USA. Over the past few years, the Woolly family has grown to include a passionate team of plant-minded folk working from Los Angeles and Phoenix in earth-friendly offices collaborating to inspire the world to have more fun with plants.

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