Women's Urban Defence Kit

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Here at Archer we understand that living in the city comes with its charm and challenges; it's a big bad world out there and there is something to be said for preparedness. Inspired by the women in our lives, comes our first eponymous product: The Women's Urban Defence Kit. Comprised of an ACME City Whistle, 100% stainless steel ball chain and leather encased, solid steel plate "Jack Sap" from Green Man Leather. Whether you need to make some noise or make a point, this compact kit will help discourage unwanted advances. The jack sap can also be used for massage on yourself or someone else...for those advances that are totally welcome and invited.

Note: Please be aware of the laws pertaining to impact and self defence weapons in your region.  They vary great from place to place and you bear any responsibility for possession of the item as such.

Jack Sap is made in the Canada.

Whistle is made in England.

Ball chain is made in the U.S.A.


Whistle measures: 68mm in length and 14mm in diameter.

Ball chain measures 30" in length and has a lobster clasp.

Jack Sap measures 13.5cm in length with a 4cm impact area.


Traditionally-speaking, truncheons, batons, billy clubs, nightsticks, saps or black jacks are used for close quarters combat and are often carried for forced compliance and self-defence purposes by law-enforcement officers, correctional staff and security-industry employees. Other uses for truncheons and batons include crowd control or the dispersal of resistant or non-compliant individuals.

A sap is a flat-profiled, leather-covered lead rod or plate, (sometimes) fitted with a spring handle. A sap has a flat profile which spreads its impact out over a broader area, making it less likely to break bone. It is primarily used for head strikes and is intended to stun an opponent or render him unconscious.

A multi-use tool for self defence, this jack sap (also known as black jack) fits into one's hand and offers a swift blow to any assailant. It will not break bones but will offer a deep shock to any part of the body. This small but very effective instrument fits into your pocket and weighs a mere 200 grams making for an easy to carry self-defence alternative.



This special edition "Laxon" style sap is leather coated and treated with a natural beeswax finish. Avoid prolonged exposure to water or moist conditions. The sap will develop its own patina over time, but will benefit from an occasional treating with beeswax-based leather conditioner.


Stephen O'Ceallaigh began learning about leather while staying in a small town in the Peak District of England. The more he learned about this ancient material, he realized that he wanted to explore the craft of working with leather and set out to become a leathersmith. His early mentoring in the art of leather work involved the fabrication of traditional leather "sporran": the pouch traditionally worn in Scotland, and typically with a kilt in both formal and informal settings.

What initially began as a pastime, quickly became a meditative exercise, and Stephen found that in leatherwork there was a focus of intention and quietness of mind that was both soothing and rewarding. As he often says: "Time stands still while I am with this ancient cloth."

Dissatisfied with the products available for his outdoor and nature-driven lifestyle, Stephen began to create leather items for his own use and enjoyment. In addition to sporran, Stephen makes belts, pouches, bags, sheaths, journal covers and an assortment of self-defence impact weapons - also known as "Saps". His studio – Green Man Leather – creates leather goods for the general public and retail clients as well. He currently operates his workshop and website out of Ontario, Canada.


ACME Whistles

Joseph Hudson, a farm worker from Derbyshire, moved to the city of Birmingham (like so many during the Industrial Revolution) and was trained as a toolmaker. He converted the wash house at the side of his end of terrace “back to back” home in St. Marks Street into a workshop where he made an assortment of items to help increase his family’s income. Some early products he fashioned were snuff boxes, cork screws and whistles. His whistle business remained very small until (in 1883) The London Metropolitan Police advertised for an idea to replace the policeman’s “rattle”: a cumbersome signalling device used at the time by the average “Bobby” on patrol.

Hudson invented a novel whistle for the purpose; it could be held in the mouth leaving the officers hands free: a clear advantage over the rattle. Hudson’s only dilemma was in finding a distinctive and far carrying sound. One day while playing his violin and pondering the problem, he failed to place his instrument down firmly on the table when he had finished playing and it fell to the ground and broke. He noted the jarring and discordant sound it made as it broke and sensed that this was precisely the type of sound he needed for his new whistle.

The police tested his whistle on Clapham Common and were delighted when it was clearly heard from a distance of just over a mile (1.6Km).

The ACME "City" whistle, is the higher-pitched women's version of the original Metropolitan Police whistle.

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