Willow Weave Hand Towel

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The Willow Weave towel was used prior to the mass production of the terry towel. Spun from long staple super absorbent cotton, these towels are crisp, classic and refined. As with all flat weave towels it takes less time to dry between uses and stays fresh longer. When it comes time to launder you will use less water and detergent to get them clean. So using these towels will save money and the environment. The Willow Weave Towel is also so wonderfully soft its sure to become a new favourite. Also available in a bath towel size.

Made in South Africa.


Measurements: 50 x 90cm or 19.5" x 35.5

Colours: White with Bluebell Stripe or Straw Stripe

These towels are made from super absorbent 100% high grade long staple South African cotton. The high quality of the cotton creates a better and longer lasting fabric.

Weave Design: The traditional Willow Weave was used prior to the invention of the mass produced Terry Towel. It is – in effect – a basket weave within a basket weave which creates a soft and absorbent flat weave. Finish: Hemmed on all sides for a clean finish.

Care: These towels will become softer and more absorbent with each wash. Once you've towelled off please hang to dry. Some flat weave towels will be dry within an hour after hanging. Machine washable at any temperature and use half the amount for detergent. Please use low heat when machine drying. Do not use bleach. A flat weave towel can be used for four or five days in a row before it needs a wash. If there was ever one that has gotten mouldy and stinky, we've never seen it: provided it wasn't wadded up whilst still wet.


Mungo Design owes its uniqueness to its founder Stuart Holding, whose passion for the design and manufacture of quality textiles is drawn from his apprenticeship as a teenager in the silk mills of Yorkshire, where the traditional methods of power loom weaving were still used. 

Mungo Design is situated at Old Nick Village, a 19th Century Cape farm complex near Plettenberg Bay South Africa, which houses artists, crafters and other creative spirits who sell their wares in a verdant rural atmosphere. Central to the Village is the Living Weaving Museum where Stuart's enthusiasm for old textile equipment is played out in the production of individually loomed unique narrow fabrics with a true selvage. 

Using the timeless art of weaving, Mungo creates exquisite fabrics which are both useful and enduring and bring beauty into people's lives. 

They embrace the philosophy of responsibility and fair trade, respecting the natural environment and empowering local communities.

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