Vintage Pencil Set

$ 32.00

Founded in 1930, Antica Cartotecnica is a generations-old stationer and purveyor of vintage paper based in the heart of Rome, Italy. This vintage pencil set from Antica Cartotecnica includes a selection of 5 vintage pencils collected and hand selected from dead stock dating from the early 1940s through the late 1960s. Even the elegant folder that houses them is vintage; it's made from beautiful card stock that is 50-60 years old. Each set is unique, consisting of a random selection of pencils from countries like England and Czechoslovakia, and made by manufacturers that include Swan, Faber-Castell, Cumberland Pencil Co. and L & C Hardtmuth. Most pencils in the set are standard No.2/HB grade.


Assorted selection of five standard pencils of approximately 18cm / 7" in length.

Packaged in a vintage card stock folio.


Antica Cartotecnica is, in fact, a real stationer the Piazza dei Caprettari in the heart of Rome, Italy. Founded in 1930, and renowned for their stationary, Antica Cartotecnica is a family run multi-generation stationery shop and collector of the finest stationary and writing materials both new and vintage. If you ever find yourself in Rome, it is worth paying them a visit at their beautiful shop.


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