Uashmama Vassoio Tray

$ 60.00

The Vassoio tray from Uashmama is similar to its bag brethren only it has the added feature of a solid base that gives it more structure and supports weight more evenly. Made from renewable cellulose fibre, the material looks like paper but feels like leather. This tray is a versatile alternative to traditional plastic storage boxes as they are lightweight, easy to clean and fold flat for easy storage when not in use. As far as practical uses are concerned, the list is almost endless: store toys or stuffed animals in the nursery, rolled hand towels in the guest bath, use as a fruit bowl or even as a place to hold knitting yarn.

Made in Italy.


Measures: 35cm long x 22cm wide x 33cm tall 

Available in grey. Handwash in cold water with a mild natural soap. Dry flat.


Uashmama paper is manufactured using virgin cellulose fibre that is cultivated NOT sourced through deforestation. The product is the creation of four sisters from Tuscany, Italy that were inspired by their mother and the brand is dedicated to merging tradition with modern innovation in a way that celebrates simplicity of material and sustainability.

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