Uashmama Butchers Apron

$ 125.00

Few utilitarian items are as recognizable, iconic and practical as the apron. A multitude of variations exist with different materials, shapes and fastening solutions but we have fallen for this simple apron from Uashmama. Taking its design cues from an original Tuscan butchers apron, this version employs the use of braces (suspenders) making it extremely versatile and remarkably comfortable. The apron itself is constructed from heavy-duty stonewashed cotton canvas and the braces are manufactured from the same renewable material as Uashmama's bags. Great for the kitchen or the garden, the apron comes with three large pockets and the braces are adjustable to accommodate wearers of all different shapes and sizes. Braces detach for easy washing of the canvas apron.

Made in Italy.


Apron Measures: 83cm x 83cm 

Braces have a minimum extension of approximately 48 cm and a maximum extension of 89cm

Apron available in Cream, Light Grey or Charcoal. Braces available in Silver, Tan or Charcoal.


Uashmama paper is manufactured using virgin cellulose fibre that is cultivated NOT sourced through deforestation. The product is the creation of four sisters from Tuscany, Italy that were inspired by their mother and the brand is dedicated to merging tradition with modern innovation in a way that celebrates simplicity of material and sustainability.

What we love most about this apron is how comfortable it is. If you've ever worn a traditional halter style apron, they can be very irritating after a while. We barely notice the braces when we wear ours. In addition, the big pockets mean that it's perfect for work in the kitchen or garden. Most anything fits well in those pockets! When it needs a wash just unclip the braces and toss in the washer. No more tangled straps.  

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