Travel Nail Brush

$ 12.00

The travel nail brush is the miniature version of our full sized nail brush. The same exact design and materials are used to produce this brush as its full sized sister. A beautiful little travel companion in durable oiled olive wood or thermowood. We find that the smaller proportions also make this nail brush ideal for children. The bristles are made of soft natural fibers and will biodegrade when discarded. The slanted bristles on the back side make it easier to clean under the nails comfortably. See specifications to learn more about the enhanced durability of thermowood. Hand made by a family-owned company.

Made in Germany.


Measures 6cm / 2.5" long. Available in Olive Wood or Thermowood.

Our ancestors were aware of a method of treating wood which has increasingly become forgotten through the course of the centuries and especially with the onset of chemical coatings. We are talking about an extremely simple, naturally sustainable method of permanently protecting wood from the effects of the environment – heat treatment. Wood embellished by this gentle heat treatment takes on higher dimensional stability and is practically impermeable. Redecker has resurrected and introduced this method (previously used outdoors on patio timbers) for bathroom items.

The wood is “baked” at moderate temperatures of between 180°C and 220°C. This alters its structure and gives it a beautiful dark brown tone. Its colour and properties now resemble certain tropical timbers. It becomes more rigid and durable and no longer absorbs water. In this state, thermowood is distorted only to a minimal degree and does not swell or shrink. This old method of treating wood is ideal for areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and saunas. The wood feels and looks good, initially retaining a slight scent of smoke, and it dries much faster than oiled or natural timbers. There is no need for chemical coatings, oils or wax treatments – the heat treatment is also environmentally friendly as it saves natural resources and cuts down the effort required for care.


The origins of this family-owned company extend back three generations and were born of neccesity and drive. Friedrich Redecker Sr. began to develop blindness at the age of four and – when several operations yielded no improvement to his condition – he was enrolled in the Soest School for The Blind where he received what was standard training for the blind at that time: the craft of making brushes.

Today, Felix Redecker and his team are still committed to making a superior product. The expansive product range has grown to include not only cleaning brushes but cooking utensils and grooming products as well. The company is also committed to the environment and make use of FSC certified woods and non-toxic finishes. Their products are as beautiful as they are practical and – in many cases – built for a lifetime of use.

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