Travel Case for Safety Razor

$ 90.00

This handsome leather case is designed specifically for standard size (short-handled) Mühle double-edge safety razors. Crafted from genuine leather and equipped with a magnetic tab closure, this case will keep your razor safe and clean while you are on the move.

Made in Germany.


Black leather. 

Inside Dimensions: 10cm x 4.6cm x 2.8cm / 3.9" x 1.8" x 1.1"


The first Mühle shaving brushes were made in the hills of Stützengrün, Germany in 1945. The brand owes its original name (MÜHLE-PINSEL until 2006) to Otto Johannes Müller. Brushmaking was a traditional craft common in the Erz mountains at that time and so the creation of well-made functional brushes seemed a logical and promising venture in the tumultuous economic climate of post-war Germany. Mühle translates to English as "Mill" and an elegant signet in the form of a mill has adorned the company's bristle brushes since the very beginning. These simple yet efficient shave brushes were manufactured carefully by hand and then sent by horse drawn carriages out from the mountains to a market that grew rapidly into an international network that still eagerly consumes Mühle products to this day.

Today, Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG is an efficient, innovative company which combines industrial expertise with a high degree of skilled craftsmanship. Mühle's high quality standards are focused on product development, material selection and traditional processing. From design through manufacture, each phase of the production is carefully scrutinized, from the chrome plating of safety razors to the polishing and sealing of handles and – of course – the methodical and careful hand-binding of their premium quality badger hair brushes. Since 2006, visitors have been able to see these processes first-hand in the company's "Manufactory": a glassed-in viewing area where the production and assembly of the Mühle product range using traditional tools is open to the public.

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