Three Stars Champagne Chalk

$ 11.50

Drei Sterne (Three Stars) has been making chalk for 130 years so it goes without saying that they are still at the top of their game. Their pure champagne chalk is 100% comprised of the smooth calcium carbonate mined from the Champagne region of France. What is so special about this chalk is the saturated colours and the dust free aspect of their production. This chalk is suitable for the blackboard or the sidewalk and will never leave you coughing or with the dry mouth associated with conventional chalks. So go ahead and play hopscotch or write a to do list on your home blackboard.

Note: Due to the fragility of chalk, a stick or 2 have been known to break on occasion during transit. While we take every precaution to ensure the chalk leaves our warehouse in pristine form, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive to you in said condition. Our suggestion is to use a good quality chalk clutch (we sell one of those too) as it will allow you to use smaller pieces of chalk easily while limiting further breakage.

Made in Germany.


Available in boxes of 12 sticks of either white or multi-coloured chalk.

Multi-coloured selection contains white, dark blue, light blue, green, light green, pink, orange, yellow, red, cream, tan and brown chalk.


In 1870 Anton Franz Mörtel founded a chalk factory which is still owned exclusively by members of the Mörtel family today. The trade mark DREI STERNE was registered at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin as early as February, 1898. After the founders death, his son Matthäus acquired the premises in Nürnberg and developed the company further.

In the twenties, Anton Franz Mörtel KG introduced stone-free and dustless chalk, which set a new standard for chalk quality. After the destruction of the facilities in Nürnberg at the end of World War II, the company was rebuilt in Schwabach by Rosa Mörtel. In the sixties, the demand for industrial marking crayons increased rapidly and the company was able to expand its product range as a result. In 1982, Rosa Mörtel handed the company off to her son Rudolf and her grandsons Peter and Manfred who represent the fifth generation to run the company, continuing a legacy of over 140 years of tradition and guaranteed German quality and reliability.

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