Super Kim Can Opener

$ 20.00

Sometimes good things do come in small packages and the Nogent Super Kim can opener is no exception. Unlike a typical can opener, which often requires a death grip on the handles and proper alignment to pierce and hold the can, the Super Kim is easy to use. The lack of traditional handles enables use on either side of the can (making it easy to use for both lefties and righties) and in place of the usual cutting wheel, it has a triangular tempered carbon-steel blade that automatically engages as you turn the cushioned butterfly-shaped crank, piercing the top of the can and locking the unit in place along the rim. It simultaneously crimps the cut edge as it moves around the can, minimizing any sharp and ragged edges. It even works on rectangular cans with small-radius rounded corners (think sardines), which are notoriously tricky to open with a regular opener.

Manufactured in Nantes, France.


Measures approximately 3" x 2" x 1-1/2".

The compact size makes it the perfect companion for camping trips, picnic boxes or simply optimizing space in kitchen drawers. The last can opener you will ever need.


Nogent Trois Étoiles are a manufacturer of high quality knives and kitchen utensils based in Nogent in the Haute Marne region of France. Since 1923, the company has been making cutlery in a region considered by many to be the centre of the cutlery and surgical instrument trade for over three centuries. Nogent maintains rigorous standards by using top quality materials and supervising every stage of production with the help of skilled and demanding workshop managers. Forty-two successive operations in ten different workshops are required to produce a product worthy of the NOGENT*** name. Stringent quality controls are applied in the main stages of manufacture, from reception of the raw material to packaging including tempering, grinding, turning, injecting, riveting, sharpening and polishing.

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