Styptic Pencil

$ 10.00

Alum in various forms has been used as a shaving aid for about as long as modern shaving has existed. It is an antihemorrhagic used to staunch bleeding occurring from nicks or cuts experienced during shaving. Alum products are either sold in block form or as styptic pencils – whose compact size make an excellent alternative for travel or simply a less cluttered medicine cabinet at home.

Made in Spain by Vie-Long.


Measures: 8cm / 3" 

To use styptic pencil, remove cap and run tip of pencil under cool water momentarily. Shake off excess water and then gently touch the tip of the pencil to the cut  and roll gently from side to side. Rinse tip immediately and allow to air dry before replacing cap.

For reasons of health and hygiene, it is recommended to NEVER share an alum block or a styptic pencil.

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