Steel Potato Masher

$ 22.00

Considered by many as the ultimate comfort food, mashed potatoes are about as American as apple pie, pizza or hamburgers. This perennial holiday accompaniment to a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas roast is synonymous with family gatherings and plenty of good gravy. This potato masher is constructed from stainless steel and the heavy-duty wire head is mounted to the handle using durable, NSF food safety rated epoxy. This mashes is also an excellent tool for fans of canning and preserving as it is easy to sterilize and does a great job of breaking up fruits during jam or jelly-making.

Made in the USA.


Measures 9.5" long x 4.5" wide. Stainless steel.


Best Manufacturers Inc. has been in business for over 40 years and is the last standing manufacturer of professional grade whisks in North America. Best MFRS has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the restaurant industry and their reputation for excellence is based on customer satisfaction and unconditional guarantee of their product. These products are built to last in the most demanding commercial kitchens and are a joy to use at home.

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