Baron Hawthorne Strainer

$ 25.00

Hawthorne strainers are the most versatile cocktail strainers available in that they can be used with shakers and mixing glasses alike. The strainer features a solid steel handle and disc with two prongs that secure the strainer in place. The steel spring adjusts to fit the diameter of the shaker or mixing glass and strains the ice as the drink is poured out. Made from 1mm thick 18-8 Ni-Cr stainless steel our strainer is dishwasher safe and polishes up easily so your bar will look its best. Compatible with our Baron Shaker, Cobbler Shaker and Yarai Mixing Glass.

Stainless Steel. Made in Japan.


Measures 16cm tall x 8cm wide / 6.25" x 3.875"


There are two common styles of cocktail strainers: hawthorne and julep. The Hawthorne is more versatile in that its spring adjusts to allow you to use shakers and mixing glasses with slightly different apertures. All of our stainless steel bar equipment is made to exacting standards by Yukiwa, the premier supplier of hotel, restaurant and bar equipment in Japan. Their quality is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for quality cocktail accoutrements.

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