Steel Cobbler Shaker

$ 55.00

No well-equipped bar (home or commercial) – should be without a good quality cocktail shaker. Three main styles exist: the Boston, the French and the Cobbler. The cobbler is identified by its three distinct parts: a main receptacle cup, a lid with integrated strainer and cap that can also be used as a measure. This is the shaker found in many of the world's best bars and is the style used by renowned Japanese barman Kazuo Uyeda, creator of the "hard shake" technique. We like that the 1mm thick, 18-8 Ni-Cr body gets cold quick but remains easier to take apart than other cobbler shakers we've tested. The quality stainless steel is also dishwasher safe and polishes up easily so your bar will look its best.

Stainless Steel. Made in Japan.


Measures 20cm tall x 8cm wide / 7.75" x 3.875"

Capacity is 500ml


The cocktail shaker can be traced back to pre-hispanic Mexico and South America when gourd shaped jars were used as closed containers for mixing and storing ingredients. Today's cocktail shaker allegedly has its origins in the late 19th century when an innkeeper using two containers to mix drinks realized one container had a slightly narrower mouth than the other and he held them together and shook the contents to the delight of his patrons. Our shakers are made to exacting standards by Yukiwa, the premier supplier of hotel, restaurant and bar equipment in Japan. Their quality is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for quality cocktail accoutrements.

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