Stainless Steel Book Darts

$ 12.00

Designed and manufactured in the USA, these book darts are an ingenious little tool for marking memorable lines and passages in your favourite books and magazines. Eliminating the need for underlining, highlighting or unsightly "dog-ears", the darts can instead be slid on to the edge of the page to call out important instructions in – say – a favourite recipe book. Once your done, the darts can simply be removed and stored in their tin until needed. Archival quality and PH neutral, these nifty little place holder will leave the pages of your favourite books pristine. 50 darts per tin.

Made in the USA.


Each dart measures 2.5cm x 1cm / 1" x 0.375"

Tin measures 6.5cm x 2cm / 2.5" x 1"

Each tin contains 50 stainless steel book darts.


A deep love for books was what initially spurred the idea of Book Darts. Bob Williams and his wife Jeanette, were seeking a way to mark their favourite passages without using a pen or high-lighter, turning down page corners or using paper clips: all of which shorten a book‘s life. Book Darts were developed to enrich the reading experience by allowing readers to mark important lines and easily re-find them without harming the pages (and, thus, to encourage re-reading).

Bob – a former college and high school teacher – has also been a librarian, archivist, boat builder, wood cutter, and printer. The first Book Darts were made in a basement and required five separate hand operations using three tools. Now they are made much faster in a high speed press in the company's facility in Hood River, Oregon.

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