St-Leon Maple Syrup

$ 30.00

St-Leon Maple Syrup is the culmination of dedication, innovation and the pursuit of a truly unique approach to one of Canada's most beloved and renowned products. Partners James Simpkins and Amélie Guay are both accomplished sommeliers, and have set their product apart by applying a terroir-driven approach akin to traditional winemaking to the production of this single-source maple syrup. Named for a beloved cousin, Cuvée de Chez Cousin Louis is produced using sap from mature sugar maples in a grove nestled between 600 and 800 meters of elevation. This certified organic syrup is processed slowly at low temperature to coax out the refined flavours and perfectly balanced sugars that reflect the unique geography and soil of the region.

Available in either 355ml or 750ml bottles.

Produced in Canada.


Grade "A" Canadian maple syrup. Medium colour. Certified Organic.

Available in 355ml or 750ml glass bottles.


"Terroir" – as it applies to winemaking (particularly in Burgundy) – is the notion that each individual parcel of land or vineyard has its own unique characteristics of soil, vegetation and climate. All of these variables combine to give the wine its unique attributes, and each year the end result is a little different. What we love about this syrup is that it reflects the pristine environment in which it's produced and it does so with the least amount of tampering and intervention from the sèvier. The result is not only a beautifully crafted expression of a uniquely Canadian product, it is also a true reflection of time and place.

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