Small Garden Trug

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The Sussex Trug was invented by Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux in the 1820s and, in the many years since, it has become a widely recognized and greatly-loved icon of English gardening culture. The "trog" (as it was originally known) was an Anglo-Saxon device carved from solid wood and used to measure liquid and grains. The current trug is a direct descendent of Smith’s innovative design and is used primarily for transporting flowers, herbs or produce from the garden to the house. Faithful to the original Sussex design, this small trug was crafted by hand using rare and beautiful myrtlewood and assembled using copper nails. Its small size makes it not only a lightweight and compact option for carrying small loads back and forth, but a great little carry basket for children to store toys or keepsakes in while not in use.

Made in the USA.


Measures 14” x 7” x 9” (36cm x 18cm x 23cm)

Made from Myrtlewood and fastened with copper nails. Finished with food-safe mineral oil.

To properly care for your Myrtlewood trug or basket it should be cleaned out with a brush, a lint-free cloth or gently by vacuum using the brush attachment. From time to time, a light coat of food safe mineral oil should be applied by brush to ensure the basket doesn’t dry out. This should be done with greater frequency if you live in a particularly dry or warm climate.

Never leave wood trugs or baskets exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Sun or rain damage will result from leaving trugs or baskets outdoors. Store in a cool, dark environment.


When Thomas Smith attended The Great Exhibition held in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, it was to exhibit his trugs to the ever-growing market of cosmopolitain London. What he didn’t dare presume was that Queen Victoria herself would purchase several as gifts for members of the Royal Family. That, however, is exactly what happened and he was eventually awarded with a Royal Warrant leading to the term Royal Sussex Trug. His design incorporating a handle and rim crafted from Sweet Chestnut and slats knife-drawn from Cricket Bat Willow would become the benchmark and still stand today as the overall look and feel of the Sussex trug has changed little in the past 175 years.

Myrtle is a broad-leafed evergreen that grows abundantly in a few key places on the Pacific Coast of the United States. It is a beautiful and strong fine-grained hardwood and is particularly well-suited to applications where it will be used both indoors and out.

Our trugs and baskets are manufactured by hand using techniques born from the study of traditional basket making married with the skills of a craftsman with a forty year career building wood boats. These beautiful and functional objects are crafted with a lifetime of use in mind and – cared for properly – they are sure to deliver.

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