Small Cocktail Spoon

$ 18.00

The cocktail spoon is the ideal tool for mixing drinks in the pour cup of a cobbler shaker or – preferably – in a mixing glass. The spoon has a capacity of approximately one teaspoon so it can be used to measure out ingredients while the twisted stem helps to create more movement in the fluid for a more even stir. Made from 18-8 Ni-Cr stainless steel, sturdily built and dishwasher safe, this cocktail spoon is an essential addition to any home bar.

Stainless Steel. Made in Japan.


Measures 24cm / 9.5"

Ideal for use with our Yarai Mixing Glass


The key to a proper stir is to cool the ingredients down as quickly as possible with the least amount of dilution of ice. Use a gentle and constant rotation of the wrist to combine the ingredients without jostling the ice too much. Depending on the quality and hardness of your ice, 30-60 rotations should suffice. Salud!

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