Silpat Baking Mat

$ 32.00

Silpat non-stick baking mats are compatible with any kind of oven whether electric or gas, residential or commercial. The creation of professional baker Guy Demarle, Silpat mats have been manufactured in France by the Sasa Demarle company since 1965. Made from food-safe silicone and fibreglass, these mats can stand up to over a thousand uses and provide better performance than parchment and a less wasteful alternative to aluminium foil. Perfect for sweet or savoury baking, Silpat will help you achieve perfect results every time.

FDA approved and certified Kosher. Made in France.


US Half Size measures 11.5” x 16.5” (295 x 420 mm)

USE: Rinse before using. Place Silpat on a sheet pan with writing facing up. Lay product to be baked or frozen on Silpat. No greasing required. Store flat or rolled.

CARE: Wipe the Silpat with a damp, soft sponge, then rinse with clean water. Shake to remove excess water and dry in open air. A weak solution of mild detergent or soap and water may be used if needed. Note: the oily feeling after washing is normal, as is discolouration. Strong flavoured foods may leave a trace of their scent on the Silpat.


Our commitment to finding products that are well-designed and that perform well is a constant preoccupation. What we love is when we find great products that are made by companies that consider the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and commit to sustainable and responsible practices.

Sasa Demerle (Silpat) are ISO 9001 certified and apply environmentally-conscious practices at every stage of manufacturing including physiochemical water purification, incinerator treatment of VOC’s, rainwater collection and usage and waste sorting, collection and repurposing.

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