Rams Horn Chamois Knife

$ 260.00

The Chamois knife takes its name from a goat-antelope species common to the mountains of southern and central Europe. The knife is an homage to the mountaineers who have traditionally claimed the European Alps and the Pyrenees as their playground. The wider blade is easier to pull out with gloves on and the curved handle makes for a secure grip whether you are cutting climbing rope or slicing an apple or charcuterie for a mid-hike snack. Stainless steel blade with a high-polish finish and a rams horn handle. 

Made in Thiers, France.


Handle Measures 12cm / 4.75". Blade measures 10cm / 4".

Rams horn handle w/ polished stainless steel blade and tang. Shamrock detail. Limited production.


The Chamois knife was designed by famed cutler Richard Sossler - the same man responsible for the design of the modern Capuchadou knife in the 1990s. Both designs represent an evolution of the traditional knife-making native to Thiers: long considered the capital of knife-making in France. Sossler passed on the patent to his designs to Fontenille-Pataud, who now produce his knives along with their own.


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