Oversize Canvas Tote Bag

$ 70.00

We had the good folks at Steel Canvas customize their #180 tote bag for us by fashioning it out of resilient black cotton duck canvas and a tonal black Steeletex™ bottom for added water-resistance and durability. We also kept the branding tonal and extended the handles so that it can be worn comfortably over the shoulder. Be advised... this is one BIG bag. We have begun referring to this tote as a "car bag" as we have taken to leaving one in our truck at all times to use for shopping, lugging oversize items or bringing seasonal items like blankets, ski boots or down comforters to the cottage. The rigid canvas and "box" bottom actually help the bag to stand on its own, making for easy loading every time. You will quickly find that this bag can pretty much do it all.

Made in the USA.


19" Length x 11" Width x 20" Depth

Made of black cotton duck canvas and Steeletex™.


If you happen to be standing in a hotel laundry, chances are you may be staring at the famous 92 series utility truck from Steele Canvas: the ubiquitous utility truck is the standard for industrial cleaning facilities and the go-to choice for any industry where laundering a high volume of uniforms, linens and towels is a daily concern. Steele Canvas was established in 1921, and – to this day – are the trusted name in heavy-duty canvas utility bags, baskets, hampers and trucks. Every bag is made to exacting standards in their facilities in Massachusetts and their dedication to quality is matched only by their commitment to excellent service.

Steele canvas bags can be found just about anywhere. They are used in hotels, resorts, kitchens, fitness centers, banks and armoured cars, and – more recently – in the everyday household, where their baskets, bins and totes provide rugged and utilitarian storage options.

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