Olive Wood Twine Dispenser

$ 42.00

Fabricated from beautiful and durable olive wood, this twine dispenser is a handy companion for cooks, crafters and gardeners alike. The spindle of the dispenser is notched and contains an integrated blade making cutting lengths of twine easier as you don't need to reach for the scissors. The accompanying twine is made from french linen and is a beautiful unbleached parchment-like colour. We use our twine for anything from wrapping gifts, trussing a turkey or chicken to tying off plants and hanging herbs or chilis to dry.

Made by Bérard, France.


Measures: 3.5" (dia) x 4.25" tall (9cm x 11cm). Twine spools are 400 meters.

Made in Tunisia using sustainably harvested olive wood.


Bérard have been producing fine kitchen utensils and accessories in the mountains north of Provence, France since 1892. With a focus that encompasses a commitment to quality, design, durability and environmental concern, Bérard have become known as a leader in sustainable business practices. The company has established a network of legal, reputable and diligently managed sources for their timber and employ manufacturing techniques so that almost 100% of the wood sourced is used in the finished product. As it applies to olive wood specifically, Bérard only uses mature trees that have ceased to produce fruit.

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