Olive Wood Tomato Knife

$ 100.00

Love the intricate art of layering a perfect sandwich? If so, this sleek and practical tomato knife is your new best friend. The olive wood handle is soft and smooth yet dimensionally stable and resistant to moisture. Its classic lines make it a handsome addition to any kitchen and the undulating serrated edge allows for a smooth and easy cut while the tines on the end are perfect to spear slices of vegetables and cured meats and place them onto serving dishes or buns, rolls or bread.

Hand wash only. Made in Germany by Giesser-Messer.


Blade length measures 13cm / 5.25" 

Never abuse your knife as a can opener, screw driver, lever or cleaver. Always use a wood board as cutting base. Never cut on a plate, on metal or on stone. Professional sharpening is recommended.

After contact with fruit acid and other food containing acids (eg. mustard), immediately clean the knife blade with mild soap and water. Cleaning knives by hand is recommended. Aggressive detergents, chlorine and dishwashers are discouraged as they can damage good quality knives irreparably. Always store your knives in a dry place. Wooden handles should be cleaned with warm water, never let them rest in water or soak for too long otherwise the wood will swell up and could crack. Dry the handle surfaces with a towel and allow them to continue drying in a well-ventilated area before returning them to their drawer or their block.


In 1776, Johannes Giesser layed the foundations of what would become his eponymous company: GIESSER. By 1865 the first knives have been produced and sold in Winnenden and ever since that time, Giesser has modernized and expanded continuously in order to meet rising demand while consistently meeting the newest technical standards in the industry. In 1987 the brothers Hans-Joachim and Hermann Giesser took over the management of this wonderful family run company. Every day, 80 employees are producing more than 6,000 professional knives at their manufacturing facility in Winnenden.

To create superior cutlery, knife steel requires carbon as one of its key components. The addition of carbon raises the grade of the steel and its resistance to abrasion, but also accelerates the rate that the steel will rust if exposed to prolonged moisture or humidity. The adding of a controlled ratio of chrome slows the corrosion of carbon. Additionally, silicon is added to the mix for increased elasticity, and manganese is added for toughness. The result of this formulation is a truly superior, high-performance cutting blade. The simple fact is that all metals will corrode if not tended with attention and care. The goal at Giesser is to minimize the chance of corrosion over extended periods with the appropriate care.

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