OBLIKA Geometric Puzzle

$ 56.00

ØBLIKA is a modern puzzle comprised of 22 geometric wooden pieces. Each of the individual puzzle pieces has been cut from russian birch plywood, laser engraved with a linear pattern and then oiled. The puzzle comes with a grid that can be used as a guide for completing the puzzle and a schematic illustrating some possible shapes that can be made using Oblika. Not into following rules or instructions? No problem! Oblika's pieces can be combined into endless combinations that rely on nothing more than the players imagination.

Designed and manufactured in Montreal, Canada.


Materials: 6mm Russian birch plywood. Various dimensions.


Atelier-D is the studio of Quebec-born architect and designer Jonathan Dorthe. With a background in furniture design and architecture, Jonathan channels his modern vision of everyday functional objects through a careful reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship. Using new technologies to produce limited editions of contemporary utilitarian objects. Inspired by his studies and fascination with pattern, he creates an architectural vocabulary by blending motifs with materials. As a result, Oblika elevates the simple notion of a puzzle to that of design object.

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