Nusskubus Modern Nutcracker

$ 45.00

The Nusskubus brings the archaic art of cracking nuts directly into the modern day with this simple and sculptural nutcracker. With an action not far removed from the blow of a hand axe, you can crack a variety of nuts efficiently and with little to no mess. The cubes of the Nusskubus have three different anvil hollows suitable for the sizes of nuts that are most common in the world. Simply place a nut in the appropriate hollow and strike the plain cube on the nut to crack it. Nusskubus is made of solid beechwood that has been waxed. It comes in a gift box with an instruction booklet.

Made in the Germany.


Dimensions: 7cm square. Made in oiled Beechwood. 

Care: Wipe with a clean damp cloth. Maybe re-oiled with a non-toxic wood oil.


German design firm Adam + Harborth have always kept in mind that one should carefully choose the things in ones life. Therefore the label ‘siebensachen’ stands for an approach towards design, production, distribution and communication that is sophisticated and selective. All siebensachen products are created by Adam + Harborth in Berlin. In their design process, the individual and their needs are the primary consideration. For them, objects are dynamic partners: we live with them, we are surrounded by them, we use them and by using them we develop memories, relationships and stories that are connected to them. The Siebensachen collection is made out of carefully selected materials, is superior in quality and manufactured in Germany by a network of partners including a manufactory in the Black Forest and a high-tech production company in Lueneberg Heath.

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