Nail Trimmer

$ 20.00

This slim folded nail clipper by Erbe is made out of a hard, rust-resistant stainless steel that features a nail file and nail cleaner. The sharp edges are perfect for trimming nails easily, the nail file is great complement to the clipper for smoothing out any rough edges, while the nail cleaner is a great way to finish it all off by removing any debris from under the nail. It is designed to be a great individual product with an easy to maneuver lever, requiring little stress from the fingers due to the precise edges. With proper care, this sleek little trimmer will give you many years of use.

Made in Solingen, Germany.


Dimensions: 56 cm long and just 5 mm tall when closed.


In Solingen, blacksmith smelting equipment dating as far back as 2,000 years has been discovered in the ground. The city is the knife-making capital of Germany and its reputation was literally forged during medieval times, when the weaponry created by the smiths in Solingen was some of the most highly prized in Northern Europe. Today a broad range of products are manufactured in Solingen but the "City of Blades" is best known for its high-precision top grade grooming equipment. Razors, blades, scissors, clippers and manicure tools of the very highest quality made by a handful of accomplished manufacturers with long-standing reputations for excellent craftsmanship.

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