Mini Living Wall Planter

$ 18.00

Mini Wally is Wally’s sidekick. Just like Wally, Mini Wally is an easy-to-install system that allows professionals and novices to create living walls an living paintings indoors, on walls, rails and chain-link fences. All hardware is included and hanging Mini Wally is as simple as hanging a painting on a wall. The perfect size for kids! Available in Chocolate, Green, and Peacock Blue. See the "Notes" to learn about Woolly Pockets School Gardens!

Made in the U.S.A. of recycled PET bottles.


Dimensions: Height = 8" h x 13" h - Soil Volume = 0.10 cubic feet


The Mini Wally is just plain cute. This smaller version is perfect for applications where space is a challenge.  They can grow a beautiful herb garden or a creeping plant. Its perfect for kids and adults alike. So if you're too shy to commit to the big kahuna...give the mini a try. We know you'll be back for the big one.

Woolly Pocket was founded in 2008 by brothers Miguel & Rodney Nelson. Pockets were first invented out of a personal need for a simple, DIY-consumer friendly system for gardening vertically, not yet available on the market. With Miguel’s background as a sculptor and Rodney’s background in manufacturing, they invented the breathable Woolly Pockets with internal moisture control that are made from recycled plastic bottles in USA. Now, the Nelson brothers are turning the gardening industry down side up. And the Woolly Pocket family is also helping millions of students learn nutrition and gardening through their Woolly School Garden program by creating a living garden classroom for students K–12.

Over the past few years, the Woolly family has grown to include a passionate team of plant-minded folk working from Los Angeles and Phoenix in earth-friendly offices collaborating to inspire the world to have more fun with plants!


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