Manual Lime Press

$ 32.00

This efficient manual lime juicer works by squeezing half a lime backwards when the two handles are brought together. Made of cast aluminium, it makes a lot of juice very quickly. This is the tool my Abuelita used to juice any citrus for making "agua fresca" or guacamole. Not to mention that this is an essential implement for any serious home bar where cocktail "mixes" are eschewed in favour of real juice. This press is tough and durable and is made for a lifetime of use.

Made in Mexico.


Length: cm /


Ra Chand / Artimetal commercial juice extractors, orange juicers, and citrus juicers are used in thousands of commercial establishments throughout the world. Ra Chand bar juicers are the most respected commercial quality juicers in the Restaurant & Bar industry. There is a one year factory warranty on all Ra Chand products. All of their products are industrial grade and are meant for heavy use. Care for them properly, and you can count on years of service out of each press.

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