Coloured Blackboard Chalk

$ 13.50

The strong colour pigments in Mercurius blackboard chalk allow for luscious applications. The colours have high coverage and yet are still easily blended on the board. The square-shaped chalk has a removable paper wrapper to stop colour from getting onto the fingers. The colours follow the Stockmar colour range.

Made in Germany.


Box of 12 assorted colours: Carmine Red, Vermilion, Orange, Gold Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Pale Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Red Brown, Cobalt Blue, Flesh.


Mercurius is the leading provider of supplies to Waldorf schools, kindergartens, and other Waldorf- inspired initiatives. Over their 25+ years of serving educators around the world, they have developed a unique selection of products specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers.  The product line is increasingly being used in other schools as the special qualities and pedagogical value they offer become more widely known.

Mercurius offers products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, and high-quality school furniture. Their art supply offerings cover painting, drawing, modeling, handcrafts, and even dancing. Our school supply selection includes blackboard chalk, penmanship training supplies, a broad range of blank lesson books in many sizes and styles, and many other items that schools require on a regular basis.


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