Lyra Super Ferby Graphite Pencil

$ 3.50

A soft graphite pencil (HB) for the first exercises in handwriting. The triangular grip and larger size allows for little hands to learn to hold a pencils properly. The soft HB graphite leads allow for marks to be made easily, which encourages a relaxed writing stance. The perfect pencil to use as your child begins to learn to write.Made in Germany .


Length: 175mm. Diameter: 10mm. Lead Diameter: 6.25mm


Lyra of Germany had been producing fine art materials since 1806.  In fact, it was due to  Napoleon Bonaparte that  the company's founder Johann Froescheis could register his business as pencil manufacturer at the magistracy of Nuremberg in the year 1806.

The former Free Reich's City lost it's privileges to set it's own rules.  Napoleon ordered the administrative restructuring of, in this case Bavaria, of which Nuremberg was made part.  Up until that time it was the privilege of the carpenters guild to make pencils in Nuremberg. Since that time, Lyra has built a reputation for quality and durability and has built trade partnerships worldwide.  We love them and I think that you will too.

 The Super Ferby

The next generation of the original FERBY® coloured pencil.  This pencils maintains the chunky proportions and tirnagulare shape so as to encourage a "tripod" grip that is beneficial for budding writers and artists.  The lead is break resistant as always.  However, the lead is slightly thicker and the length is londer in the Super Ferby.  If what they say about "practice making perfect", then this is the perfect pencil for young children to get hours of use and enjoyment honing their skills. 

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