Lyra "Ferby" Colouring Pencils

$ 28.00

This assortment of 12 colouring pencils is perfectly suited to young children just learning how to grip and control their hand movements while drawing. The triangular body shape makes holding the pencil properly in the "tripod" grip a breeze for small hands. The large diameter lead and vibrant pigments make for art that is as colourful as your child's imagination.

Made in Germany.


Each pencil is 140mm long and 10mm wide with a 6mm lead. Unlacquered finish.


Lyra of Germany had been producing fine art materials since 1806. In fact, it was due to Napoleon Bonaparte that the company's founder Johann Froescheis could register his business as pencil manufacturer at the magistracy of Nuremberg in the year 1806. The former Free Reich's City lost it's privileges to set it's own rules. Napoleon ordered the administrative restructuring of, in this case Bavaria, of which Nuremberg was made part. Up until that time it was the privilege of the carpenters guild to make pencils in Nuremberg. Since that time, Lyra has built a reputation for quality and durability and has built trade partnerships worldwide. We love them and I think that you will too.

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