Littledeer™ Utensil Set

$ 68.00

Littledeer fluid dynamic cooking paddles have been making the art of cooking, preparing and serving food more efficient and enjoyable since 1984. Each piece of Mapleware™ goes through several stages during the manufacturing process including cutting, routing, shaping, sanding, tumbling and finally a dip in food grade mineral oil to seal and protect the wood. Available in either right-handed or left-handed configurations, these utensils are designed to perform optimally across a broad range of applications in the kitchen and beyond; each edge, curve and surface has a specific purpose. We have selected three pieces from among our favourites to put together this set of Littledeer tools that is sure to delight amateur foodies and cooking professionals alike.

Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. Made in Carignan, Québec.


The set includes one 12" Pot Scoop®, one 12" Pan Paddle® and one 16" Wok Paddle®.

**As with all wood implements, please do not put in the dishwasher.** Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. We recommend a light polishing with Littledeer Beeswax Mapleware Polish every few weeks to ensure the wood stays properly conditioned.


The Littledeer Pot Scoop – the first in their line of Mapleware – actually evolved from a prototype design for a canoe paddle. The idea that a scoop shape would displace liquid more efficiently would eventually inform the shape and style of Littledeer's fluid dynamic cooking paddles and it is this design that makes them such a joy to use. Tom Littledeer and his wife Sharron Wall are as committed to the environment as they are to the standards to which their products are produced. In addition to giving a percentage of their profits to earth-friendly initiatives, the Littledeer's workshop is powered by solar energy and they use almost every scrap of wood generated by the production process for compost on their property.  

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