Littledeer™ Straining Scoop

$ 30.00

Much like its impenetrable twin the serving scoop, this straining scoop is a versatile and practical tool. Six evenly spaced drainage holes allow for easy and efficient removal of boiled vegetables, pasta or hard/soft boiled eggs from liquid. As with every piece of Littledeer™ Mapleware, this straining scoop undergoes several stages of manufacture including custom cutting, routing, shaping, drilling, sanding, tumbling and immersion in food grade mineral oil. This straining scoop is a wonderful addition to any chef's kitchen.

Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. Made in Carignan, Québec.


Concave carved surfaces are prone to cracking on impact so please avoid dropping or banging this scoop against other hard surfaces. Do not leave this scoop soaking or submerged in liquids.

**As with all wood implements, please do not put in the dishwasher.** Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. We recommend a light polishing with Littledeer Beeswax Mapleware Polish every few weeks to ensure the wood stays properly conditioned.


Tom Littledeer is a designer, environmentalist, inventor and innovator. A restless creative mind, he is always seeking, always asking what is next, what is required, what will function better? Products like this straining scoop evolve from years of trial and error, testing other products – some new, some vintage – and a lengthy prototyping process that only ends when he and his wife Sharron are satisfied with the results. All Littledeer products are designed to work for people and the environment. Their workshop is solar powered, scrap wood and sawdust are used for compost and a percentage of their annual profits are donated to earth-friendly organizations.

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