Littledeer™ Sprongs

$ 25.00

Much more than a mere pair of toast tongs, Littledeer Sprongs™ are a practical and useful alternative to traditional metal tongs. Perfectly suited to handling small food items, moving delicate foods during cooking and – of course – removing toast from a toaster, these sprongs undergo several careful production stages including cutting, routing, shaping, drilling, sanding, tumbling and brief dunk in food grade mineral oil. All of this under the watchful eye of designer Tom Littledeer and his team.

Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. Made in Carignan, Québec.


Do not leave these sprongs soaking or submerged in liquid for any length of time.

**As with all wood implements, please do not put in the dishwasher.** Hand wash with mild soap. Dry immediately. We recommend a light polishing with Littledeer Beeswax Mapleware Polish every few weeks to ensure the wood stays properly conditioned.


Tom Littledeer and his wife Sharron Wall are committed environmentalists. In addition to donating a percentage of their annual profits to earth-friendly initiatives, the Littledeer's workshop is solar powered and they use almost every scrap of wood generated by the production process for compost in their gardens. Through their Ecodrummers initiative, they engage with the community and with other manufacturers on issues concerning sustainability and the environment.  

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