Large Victorian Trowel

$ 45.00

A trowel is one of a family of similar tools used for digging, smoothing and moving around small amounts of material – particularly dirt. In gardening, trowels are particularly effective for breaking up earth, digging small holes for planting bulbs and annuals, weeding and mixing fertilizer or compost into soil. De Wit’s Victorian Trowel is different from typical pointed-end trowels in that its rounded shape also performs efficiently as a scoop, while the sharpened edge still cuts easily through roots and soil. Manufactured by hand using tempered steel and FSC-certified ash wood handles, these tools are built to last.

Made in the Netherlands


Measures 13.5” Long x 3.25” Wide (34.5cm x 8.25cm)


When a company has been making the same quality product for almost 120 years, it’s usually the result of maintaining a commitment to rigorous production standards and an unwillingness to accept anything less than perfection. On April 1st of 1898, Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company in Kornhorn, Holland. Today, the de Wit family is in its 4th generation of ownership and are the standard when it comes to top-quality garden equipment. Their goal is to marry traditional craft and trusted manufacturing techniques with the latest innovations in gardening tool design. If this weren’t enough, they have committed to green business practices: choosing quality materials, keeping waste to a minimum, manufacturing tools designed to last, using FSC-certified wood for their handles and offering a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing flaws and defects.

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