Kent Military Brush

$ 80.00

The military brush is a classic example of simple, functional utility as applied to product design. It is light and packable, making it a handy travel companion for military men and civilians alike. This brush is available in a dual timber design that features a beautiful satinwood back and a beech wood base. It is gloss sprayed to accentuate the natural shimmer of the satin wood and is filled with stiff pure black bristles or soft white bristle for men with fine or thinning hair.

Made in England.


Satinwood and Beechwood with 100% boar bristle.


G.B. Kent & Sons Ltd., is one of the oldest established companies in Great Britain. Founded in 1777 by William Kent during the reign of George III, Kent holds an unrivalled place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence and production quality. Kent Brushes (as they are more commonly known today) have been granted Royal Warrants for nine consecutive reigns.

Kent are renowned for their passion for bristle brushes. The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where the bristle is a b-product of controlled species culling and quality is guaranteed. All woods for handles and paddles are sourced from sustainable forests throughout the world and are selected for their beauty, grain, colour and suitability to be shaped, drilled and polished. Kent employs twelve individual processes in making most brushes, including cutting, shaping, bristling, finishing, and buffing. Some specialized brushes see as many as twenty stages in production before being submitted to a stringent and rigorous quality control process whereby each hairbrush is inspected and finished by hand.

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