Kaweco Ink Refill Cartridges

$ 3.50

Kaweco fountain pen ink cartridges are made in Germany by ARATRUM, under the supervision of Dr. Pfug, who has a background in the chemistry of archival quality writing inks. Each box contains six international standard cartridges.

Available in Black, Blue-Black, Green, and Red.

Made in Germany.


Set of 6 cartridges in a box. For use with the all Kaweco fountain pens.


In 1883, Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik was founded and began producing wooden dip pens and gold-nibbed fountain pens. What would soon after become known as Koch, Weber & Co. was one of the most important German manufacturers of pens and accessories at the time. They created the first truly leak-proof 'security filler' in Germany and were awarded war contracts as their products were deemed both superior and essential for soldiers and civilians alike. In the 1930's the brands and models of Kaweco and Aurumia fused and the “KA WE CO” brand was born. By the mid-1930s, a sport model of fountain pen was developed - Kaweco Sport Pen; it was based on an idea developed in 1910 to make a pen for ladies, officers and sports personnel.


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