Kaweco Graphite Mines

$ 6.00

Kaweco graphite mines (AKA leads) are made for use with Kaweco clutch pencils. This set of six comes in a sturdy polycarb case. Please be advise that a lead pointer will be needed in order to maintain the sharpness of the point. Similarly, you can use a medium grit sandpaper (100-150) to sharpen the lead as well.

Made in Germany.


Set of 6 in a sturdy case. For use with the the Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Pencil.


In 1883, Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik was founded and began producing wooden dip pens and gold-nibbed fountain pens. What would soon after become known as Koch, Weber & Co. was one of the most important German manufacturers of pens and accessories at the time. They created the first truly leak-proof 'security filler' in Germany and were awarded war contracts as their products were deemed both superior and essential for soldiers and civilians alike. In the 1930's the brands and models of Kaweco and Aurumia fused and the “KA WE CO” brand was born. By the mid-1930s, a sport model of fountain pen was developed - Kaweco Sport Pen; it was based on an idea developed in 1910 to make a pen for ladies, officers and sports personnel. 

The Kaweco Special line takes it's design cues from the ubiquitous office pencils of 1930's Germany, but there is nothing run-of-the-mill  about the construction of these pens, pencils and nib pens. The products feature an octagonal body cast in matte black aluminum and feature black chromized brass parts, high quality push mechanisms, and top quality, industry-standard leads and cartridges. Robust, sturdy and an absolute beauty to behold.

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