Italian Paper Clips and Thumb Tacks

$ 9.00

These plastic coated paperclips and thumb tacks are made in Italy by Mondial Lus: a stationary manufacturer founded in 1931. There are a lot of surprising and beautiful colors inside the box. We felt like we were opening a box of candy the first time we saw them. They are useful and beautiful. Use them to group and colour code any project or pinboard.

Made in Italy.


No.4 box contains 60. Each clip measures 30cm / 1.5".

No.5 Box contains 100. Each Clip measures 50cm / 2".

Jumbo contains 30. Each clip measures 60.5cm / 2.5".

Thumb Tacks contains 70.


The story of Mondial Lus began in 1931 in Saronno, Varese province. Drawing nibs and metal pens for writing and calligraphy were the first products that spurred on its initial success. Later, fasteners, fermacampioni springs, paper clips, and staplers were added to their rapidly growing range of office products. The peculiar character and colourful personality of Mondial Lus had created a beguiling product that makes it - even today - one of a kind. 

All items are still proudly made in Italy. The original 1960's packaging is charming and the bright candy like injection-molded plastics help transform their products into a welcome ray of sunshine for any office environment.  

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