Horn Salad Servers

$ 60.00

Beautiful and modern looking horn salad servers from Hornvarefavrikken in Denmark. These salad servers have great proportions and a simple design that will pair beautifully with any salad bowl. Please bear in mind that horn is a natural product and can vary in colour and appearance. Each piece is, by nature, unique. 

Made in Denmark by a generations old, family-run horn works.


Measures (Approx.) 22cm / 8.5"

Pure buffalo horn. Sustainably harvested.

Never put horn in the dishwasher. Hand wash with with lukewarm water and dry with a soft towel. Avoid using soaps or solvents of any kind. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources. Rub with a light mineral or vegetable oil from time to time to prevent the horn from drying out.


In the 19th Century, spoons were often the only kind of cutlery used in rural areas. People would simply wipe down their spoons after a meal and hang them from the roof rafters. Wooden spoons were the most common, but metal spoons were becoming increasingly popular. One of the people who took up horn working was Hans Husted, who was born in Nees in 1834. He passed on the craft to his son, Peder Husted, who was born in Bøvlingbjerg. A work-related accident prompted Peder to take up horn spoon making again in 1931, as he could no longer work the farm. He expanded the business early on by offering made-to-order shoehorns and mustard spoons. The foundation for Hornvarefabrikken had been laid.

Peder Husted moved his production from his private residence to its present location in 1935, founding Hornvarefabrikken in the process. He was a ambitious and visionary man and went on to win a Silver Medal for his work at the 1935 World Fair in Brussels. Peder Husted designed and developed many of the spoons and other items sold by Hornvarefabrikken to this day. 

After 70 years of changing hands and navigating ever-evolving markets, 
Hornvarefabrikken is now in the capable hands of Sara Bruun Buch. As of October 1, 2008, she has taken on the responsibility of expanding the business to new areas while keeping true to the traditions of the craft. Sara Bruun Buch is a graduate of the Arts & Craft College in Kerteminde, Denmark.

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