Hinoki Wood Stylus

$ 36.00

This ingenious little stylus is made from sustainably sourced hinoki cypress and aluminium. Designed for use with your iPod, iPad or iPhone, it is light to handle and easy to hold. The stylus tip is a standard silicone pad that makes gestural moves on the touchscreen a breeze. The opposite tip is shaped like the tip of a pencil: a tongue-in-cheek nod to the original "stylus" and a perfect tool for scratching your temple in wonder while you browse the internet. The hinoki wood is sourced from trees that have fallen naturally or that have been felled as part of routine forest maintenance.

Made in Japan.


Length: 12cm / 4.25"

Hinoki wood has a high aromatic oil content much like cedar (that's why hinoki smells so awesome). Due to changes in the environment or temperature, it can "weep" some of its essential oil. Not to worry; simply wipe with a damp cloth and air dry.


Toshihiko Sakai, the founding designer behind these great hinoki accessories, curates a small collection of projects from various designers whose common goal is to create products that try to do a "little good". That could mean anything from using recycled materials to donation of proceeds to a worthy cause or simply trying to preserve a dying art.  

The hinoki series is a collection of iPad/iPhone stands produced from timber which leftover from forest thinning. The wood used is primarily shimanto hinoki (shimanto cypress) which is traditionally used in the production of furniture or architectural grade lumber. However, if the tree is not perfectly straight or the wood has to much "character" (knots, etc.) it is usually cast aside and left to rot. Sakai and his colleagues hope to help protect the mountains and forests by donating a portion of profits to conservation efforts. By using this wood that would otherwise be discarded, and manufacturing with a company that sources the material at one half the normal the price, they are able to help keep waste and environmental cost down.


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