Flat Roux Whisk

$ 16.50

Best MFRS Inc. is the last whisk manufacturer still making professional grade whisks in North America. Everyone loves a proper whisk to help get the job done and a good quality whisk goes a long way in helping to perfect many recipes. The flat roux or gravy whisk is the perfect tool for working the bottom and corners of a pan: ideal for deglazing or for preparing gravy. This 12" whisk is made with stainless steel wire and a 7/8" stainless or wood handle. The wire head is mounted using a durable food grade epoxy and it is NSF food safety rated.

Made in the USA.


Available with a stainless steel (29cm / 11.5") or wood handle (32cm / 12.5").

As with all wood implements, we recommend hand washing with mild soap. Do not wash wood in the dishwasher.


Best Manufacturers Inc. has been in business for over 40 years and is the last standing manufacturer of professional grade whisks in North America. Best MFRS has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the restaurant industry and their reputation for excellence is based on customer satisfaction and unconditional guarantee of their product. These products are built to last in the most demanding commercial kitchens and are a joy to use at home.

Best has outlasted the competition by doing what they do BEST and by continuing to produce innovative and superior product.

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