Fireplace Bouffadou

$ 48.00

The "bouffadou" is a tool designed primarily as a more efficient, precise and space-efficient alternative to bellows: the accordion style blowing tool traditionally used to keep a fire going. Comprised of an anodized aluminum pipe with a beechwood handle and mouthpiece, the bouffadou can be pointed at the exact area of the fire requiring oxygen and then – by using controlled breaths – the fire can be stoked back to life. We love a useful tool and especially one that masquerades as a seasonal item but maintains its functional potential throughout the year. The bouffadou is extremely light, making it well-suited for camping trips and it is also ideal for wood or charcoal BBQ enthusiasts who will find their ability to control heat of the coals during direct or indirect cooking greatly increased by this helpful grilling accessory.

Made in Germany.


Length: 60cm / 23.5" 

Anodized aluminum with beechwood handles and a genuine leather strap.


The origins of this family-owned company extend back three generations and were born of neccesity and drive. Friedrich Redecker Sr. began to develop blindness at the age of four and – when several operations yielded no improvement to his condition – he was enrolled in the Soest School for The Blind where he received what was standard training for the blind at that time: the craft of making brushes.

Today, Felix Redecker and his team are still committed to making a superior product. The expansive product range has grown to include not only cleaning brushes but cooking utensils and grooming products as well. The company is also committed to the environment and make use of FSC certified woods and non-toxic finishes. Their products are as beautiful as they are practical and – in many cases – built for a lifetime of use.

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