Exercise Books

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Perfectly suited to children of all ages, these exercise books come in a variety of sizes and formats. Comprised of 32 pages of high quality, chlorine-free 120g drawing paper and a durable 280g cardstock cover, these books are suitable for all types of media from india ink to crayon and pastel. The translucent "onion skin" vellum between each page prevents the drawings from rubbing off onto each other. Available in 4 sizes and six colours.

Made in the EU.


Available in four sizes: Journal (16cm x 21cm), Small (24cm x 21cm), Medium (32cm x 24cm) and Large (32cm x 38cm)

Available colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue and Green


Search the keywords "main lesson book" and you'll get a list full of sites about home schooling, Rudolph Steiner or Waldorf Education; however, you don't need to be into any of those things to love these books! Mercurius is the leading provider of supplies to Waldorf schools, kindergartens, and other Waldorf-inspired initiatives. Over their 25+ years of serving educators around the world, they have developed a unique selection of products specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers. The product line is increasingly used in other schools as well, as the special qualities and pedagogical value they offer become more widely known.

Mercurius offers products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, and high-quality school furniture. Their art supply offerings cover painting, drawing, modelling, handcrafts, and even dancing. Our school supply selection includes blackboard chalk, penmanship training supplies, a broad range of blank lesson books in many sizes and styles, and many other items that schools require on a regular basis. The lesson books are made of acid free, sustainable, high quality paper with card stock covers. They are lightweight and durable. They can make beautiful doodle books or project based scrapbooks. Our kids us the larger books to keep vacation and summer scrapbooks. The smaller journals are perfect to tote anywhere.

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