Ed Wohl Bread Board No.3

$ 140.00

Archer is enamoured with all things produced by award-winning, Wisconsin-based, wood worker Ed Wohl. Each board is crafted by joining sections from a single piece of specially selected birds eye maple so that the wood tone and figuring are consistent throughout. The board is then precision-shaped and hand-beveled for graceful shape and balance. Individually hand-sanded and finished to a sensual silkiness, each board is an art object designed to add aesthetic and utilitarian pleasure to your daily life. The longer length of bread board No.3 makes it ideal for bringing whole sliced loaves or baguette to the table.

Made in the USA.


Measures 25cm x 58cm / 10" x 23" 

Birds eye maple, with beveled edges and hole for hanging.

Hand wash with mild soap and dry immediately with a soft towel.


Master woodworker and designer Edward Wohl graduated from Washington University in 1967 with a BS degree in Architecture. He has been designing and building graceful wood furniture since 1970. Although being greatly influenced by a summer spent in the home and workshop of California woodworker Sam Maloof, Edward points to long-time friend and industrial designer Bill Stumpf as his primary source of learning and encouragement. Edward's work is known for its masterful design, seamless joinery and liquid-smooth finish. He has also designed a variety of limited-production pieces including blanket chests, stools, benches and coffee tables in addition to his extensive line of birds-eye maple cutting boards, which are sold in shops and galleries worldwide.

Edward, with his family, has made his home and workplace among the pastoral hills and valleys of southwestern Wisconsin. "I have always wanted to live and work in a quiet, beautiful, open place. With the help and support of my wife and business partner Ann, and a goodly amount of luck, we've found that place. If people see beauty in my furniture, it may be because I find beauty in my everyday surroundings."


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