Duralex Picardie Tumbler

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The glass that launched a thousand imitators, the Duralex Picardie is the iconic and beloved bistro glass seen throughout France and Europe since the 1930's. Their durability and style have made them a favourite in restaurants and school cafeterias as well as at home. These tumblers are suitable for hot and cold beverages due to the process of tempering which renders them chip, shatter and thermal shock resistant. Picardie glasses are sold as a set of 6 and are available in five sizes.  NOTE: Due to the manner of production, it is normal to find small bubbles or intermittent "wave" patterns in the glass. This occurs naturally during the tempering process and does not effect strength.

Made in France.


Sold in sets of six glasses. Available in 4.5 oz, 5.5 oz, 9 oz, 13 oz and 17.5 oz formats.


For many of us, Duralex is a magical name which recalls fond memories of childhood, snack time or lunchtime at school. The Duralex Picardie has long been celebrated as the quintessential French Bistro glass, but its versatility has also landed it firmly on the table as the tumbler of choice for both cold drinks and hot beverages in households throughout France. Its elegant design and rugged durability has earned it fans around the world, including Britain and Canada, where it was enjoyed as the "house glass" in hundreds of school dining halls and cafeterias. It is still used by many people in France – especially by Southerners, Corsicans, and by Algerian or Morocco-born French to enjoy traditional style coffee. It is also massively popular in Afganistan where it is the vessel of choice for tea.

Created in 1927, the design of the French Duralex Picardie glass rejected the Machine Age forms favoured in European arts in the 1920s in favour of the fluted sides and faceted tulip shapes typical of 18th century French crystal. However, this nostalgic design choice had a decidedly modern and practical advantage by making the glasses easier and more comfortable to hold. The fluting also ensured that the glasses would stack well, without their surfaces grinding or locking together.

Duralex has been manufacturing glassware and tabletop products in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (France) for over 65 years. In 1939, the Duralex brand was purchased by Saint-Gobain, who had recently introduced their process of tempering molded glass to the market. Since that time, the very name "Duralex" has been synonymous with "toughened" glassware fabricated utilizing their proprietary process. "Toughening" glass is accomplished by heating glass beyond its annealing point. Annealing is the process of cooling recently formed glass at a slow rate to relieve internal stresses created during the forming process. By heating the annealed glass to approximately 720º Celsius and then cooling it rapidly, the end result is a substance four to six times stronger than conventional glass. Tempered glass is particularly effective for use in microwave ovens and it is used frequently in applications where safety is an issue as tempered glass will break into large chunks if shattered as opposed to sharp, jagged pieces. Injuries are less likely and cleaning up considerably easier.

Duralex glasses are suitable for cold or hot drinks. They are stackable, impact and chip resistant, microwave-proof and dishwasher-safe. With continuous investment in their commitment to quality, Duralex has reached a level of excellence and worldwide recognition for their brand.

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