Couto Toothpaste

$ 9.50

In 1932, under the name "Pasta Medicinal Couto", Dr. Alberto Ferreira do Couto invented Couto Toothpaste. It was the first toothpaste in Portugal to prevent cavities and gingivitis. With it's high-powered mint flavor Couto Toothpaste will really let you know "you've brushed your teeth!" Paraben and fluoride free, this natural toothpaste is effective and simple. Original 1930's packaging is handsome looking on any bathroom counter. In a travel-friendly 2.0 oz tube.

Made in Portugal.


Each 2oz (60g) tube contains: Glycerine, Tylose, Water, Saccharine, Potassium Chloride, Tricalcium Phosphate, Aromatic Essence, Liquid Paraffin, Empycol.


In the 30's, pharmacist Alberto Ferreira Couto – with the help of a dentist friend – wanted to develop a product that would reduce gingival infections and tooth decay. After lengthy experimentation, he created the first formulation of Couto toothpaste. The success of the toothpaste was almost immediate and the "Medicinal Toothpaste Couto", as it was then known, came into standard daily use in Portuguese households. The Medicinal Toothpaste Couto was the toothpaste of choice for the majority of the Portuguese population for generations and is still recognized as an excellent quality toothpaste to this day.

Todays Couto is produced in much the same way as it always has been: something Couto calls "semi-artisan". Couto eschews the use of ingredients of animal origin and the toothpaste is still displays the original 1930's design on the packaging.


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