Cocktail Jigger Set

$ 30.00

Jiggers are small measuring devices used to accurately measure and pour liquid ingredients while making a cocktail. Once thought of as the trusted ally of stingy bartenders, jiggers are in fact an essential tool when making consistent quality cocktails. We sell ours in a set of two including a 1/2oz - 1oz jigger and a 1oz - 2oz jigger. The half ounce cup can easily be used to accurately gauge quarter ounce measurements. Made from 18-8 Ni-Cr stainless steel, sturdily built and dishwasher safe, these cocktail jiggers are an essential part of any home bar.

Stainless Steel. Made in Japan.


1/2oz ~ 1oz Jigger measures 9cm / 3.5" tall

1oz ~ 2oz Jigger measures 11cm / 4.25" tall


Free pouring may make you seem like a generous host but, unless your goal is to get your guests tipsy as quickly as possible, the proper measuring and proportionate use of quality spirits and liquid ingredients is what makes for a delicious and enjoyable cocktail. Jiggers are an indispensable tool for accurately measuring out your spirits in the proper proportions. We love these ones from Japan as their sleek profile not only looks great, but they have the added benefit of being easily held between the fingers for a smooth and mess-free pour.

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