Chateau Laguiole Sommelier

$ 230.00

Corkscrew, Waiter's Friend, Sommelier, Clef de vin, Limonadier... call it what you want but there are few more elegant or effective ways to open a bottle of wine than with a Chateau Laguiole. In the late 1980's Guy Vialis introduced his sommelier to the world and it has since been hailed by many as the very best available. We carry the "Grand Cru" version of these sommeliers that have an extra bolt reinforcing the point where the hinge of the screw meets the handle.

Made for us by Fontenille Pataud in Thiers, France.


Length: 11.5cm / 4.5" 

Available in Light Horn Tip, Black Buffalo Horn and repurposed Oak Barrel wood.


The Laguiole knife is best associated with the town of Laguiole in the Aveyron region of southern France. Evolving from the traditional straight blade knives used by local shepherds and farmers, the first true Laguiole was designed by Jean-Pierre Calmels in 1829 and (during the almost two hundred years to follow) has become a worldwide icon.

When choosing a sommelier it is important to recognize that Laguiole (despite its regional reference) is actually a generic term for a certain type of knife. This means that there is an abundance of sub-standard "Laguiole-style" knives and sommeliers on the market and a large variance when it comes to quality and price. Always look for knives manufactured by a reputable cutler from Thiers or Laguiole and make sure that the product is sold with a warrantee: any proper one will be. Our sommeliers were crafted by master cutler Gilles Steinberg at his forge in Thiers, France – Fontenille Pataud. Each one is assembled and finished by hand: a process often requiring over 150 individual production steps.

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