Brass Watering Can

$ 135.00

Watering cans (or watering pots) date back to the 17th century and were designed to control the amount of water released on delicate plants while also providing a vessel that was easy to carry and hold while pouring. The x3 gets its name from three bends applied to the single metal tube that make up its spout and handle. The three resulting angles allow for easy carrying and pouring while keeping the design to a minimum number of components. The solid brass construction gives the watering can stability and heft without it being too heavy. The "live" finish allows the brass to develop all the character and patina you would find on a treasured vintage piece, but in this case married to a truly modern form.

Designed in the USA. Manufactured in India. 


Measures: 14" x 7" x 6" / 35.5cm x 18cm x 15cm

Available in Solid Brass


One of the things we are constantly looking for in the products we carry is an innovative and original take on the design of a traditional object: the x3 watering can by designer Paul Loebach is a perfect example. Loebach holds that "design is a structured language that holds a balance between the continuity of recognizable imagery and the poetic shift of innovation as we adapt objects to our changing lifestyles". His x3 watering can is precisely that: an ode to a traditional object that takes on a modern form while staying true to function.

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